Kanari 1, Leptokarya


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Museum of Geological History

The Museum of Geological History is located in Leptokarya.

In the Geological History Museum of Olympus, the evolution of Olympus through geological time is presented.

The Museum’s exhibition includes minerals and rocks from Olympus as well as fossils from the wider area, which are of particular interest for the evolution of fauna and flora.

Olympus Museum

In the Museum, one can admire the minerals mentioned in the ancient text “About Stones” or “Stones” by Orpheus, who lived in Levithra at the foot of Mount Olympus. The Levithras, as is well known, are located in the area of ​​Leptokarya, Pieria.

In addition to the exhibition of the Geological History of Olympus, artistic works referring to Olympus and Orpheus are exhibited in a parallel room.